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Each of you software comes with a Try-It option. You can download the software, install it on your computer, send FREE sms and then make a decision if it suits your needs !


Send SMS and Receive SMS replies from Outlook
Send SMS from Excel
Send SMS from Command Prompt
Software Developers Toolkit

SwiftSMS Vista Side Bar

>>> DOWNLOAD the software AND then REGISTER to get your User ID and Registration code!

Windows Sidebar is a pane on the side of the Microsoft Windows Vista desktop where you can keep your gadgets organized and always available
SwiftSMS has developed our own Sidebar Gadget that allows you to simply send your SMS by simply entering the number and the message and clicking on the Send button !

Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar

The SwiftSMS Side Bar Gadget seamlessly Plugs-into Microsoft Vista, allowing you take advantage of the SMS facilities even when you busy working in another application !

SwiftSMS Gadget

Setting Up:

The Siddebar just requires you to enter your UserID and Reference number that you were allocated when you REGISTER

Simply click on the "spanner" icon on the side of the SwiftSMS Gadget

and then Enter your User ID and Reference.

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Try the software Free of charge and send Free SMS - simply DOWNLOAD the software AND then REGISTER to get your User ID and Registration code!

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