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Test-Drive our software !

SwiftSMS Try-Before-You-Buy Software

Each of you software comes with a Try-It option. You can download the software, install it on your computer, send FREE sms and then make a decision if it suits your needs !


Send SMS and Receive SMS replies from Outlook
Send SMS from Excel
Send SMS from Command Prompt
Software Developers Toolkit

Products - what we have to offer

SwiftSMS allows your business to take advantage of the wireless communication world !

The SwiftSMS Business Solutions have been specifically developed to meet the communications needs that your business faces on a daily basis.

Implementing one of our Mobile Communication Solutions allows your business to send group and/or individual SMS to your customers and employees - no matter where they are !


Choose the SMS Tool that suits your needs :

  • SwiftSMS Vista Side Bar -

    Send SMS directly out of the Vista Side Bar !

  • SwiftSMS Outlook Add-In -

    Send SMS directly out of Microsoft Outlook, Automatically set up rules that will Convert your Email to SMS and even send your Calendar Reminders and Follow Up Reminders to your cell phone !

  • SwiftSMS Outlook 2-Way -

    Send AND Receive SMS Replies directly from Microsoft Outlook, Convert your Email to SMS and send your Calendar Reminders to SMS !

  • SwiftSMS Excel-

    Send Personalised SMS directly out of your Microsoft Excel !

  • SwiftSMS Command Line SMS -

    Send SMS directly from the Command prompt

Add-On Tools:

  • SwiftSMS Report Reader -

    This tool is an Add-on tool to the Excel Application that allows you to download your Delivery Notifications.

  • SwiftSMS Reply Reader -

    This tool is an Add-on tool to the Excel Application that allows you Read all the SMS replies that were sent to you !

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