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Each of you software comes with a Try-It option. You can download the software, install it on your computer, send FREE sms and then make a decision if it suits your needs !


Send SMS and Receive SMS replies from Outlook
Send SMS from Excel
Send SMS from Command Prompt
Software Developers Toolkit

SwiftSMS Microsoft Excel's Add-IN

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The Excel version is geared at business who would like a simple yet powerful sending tool !
If you would like to personalise each individual SMS sent - this is the tool for you...

A Practical Usage Exaple:

Inform your customers how much is outstanding on their account by personalising each SMS:

  • "Dear John, please note that you owe R 54.75 Kindly pay this by 4th July 2004. Regards ABC Inc."

    Each item shown in Bold is automatically inserted into the SMS from the Excel spreadsheet !

  • How does it work ?

    • After the installation, click on the Send SMS button on the Excel toolbar.

    • A new spreadsheet would automatically be opened allowing you to insert your information :

      Note: By default ONLY the Cell number is required in Column A
      Just make sure your don't leave any blank lines between the cell numbers (Rows)

      If you would like to insert more fields simply add them to the subsequent columns:

    • When ready to send, simply connect to the internet and press the SMS Now ! button on the Excel toolbar

    • You are now able to type your message and insert any of the fields into the message.
      Example: At the point that would like the PAY DATE to appear, select PAY DATE and click on Insert Now.

    • To see what the message would look like, you can click on the Test Message button.
      This allows you to ensure that the information entered is correct as well as check for spacing, spelling mistakes etc.

    • Finally, when you are ready to send, click on the Send SMS ! button !

    Still not sure ?
    Try the software Free of charge and send Free SMS - simply download the software and then register to get your User ID and Registration code!

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