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Each of you software comes with a Try-It option. You can download the software, install it on your computer, send FREE sms and then make a decision if it suits your needs !


Send SMS and Receive SMS replies from Outlook
Send SMS from Excel
Send SMS from Command Prompt
Software Developers Toolkit

Some of our Customers :

What some of our customers have to say :

  • "The SwfitSMS Business tools enables our communication centre to cut costs, further strengthen client relationships and broaden our position in a competitive auctioneering environment,

  • - Brian Winterstein, Director, Aucor
  • "We were introduced to SwiftSMS a couple of months ago, and after hearing about the amount of customers that could be reached for such a small fee, there was no way we could turn it down ! Bearing in mind that all our customers are loyalty card members and have therefore acknowledged the use of their cell phone numbers, there is no quicker communication tool or better guarantee of customers receiving a message. Have an advertising / marketing idea at ten-to-five on a Friday evening ? No problem - write your message and push a button to send. And within a couple of minutes a couple of thousand customers have read your ad, and should be in your stores on Saturday !"

  • - Dave Altshuler, JAM

Spectrum Investments

  • "I have found that the SwiftSMS system has been a very good marketing method for my business. Each time I use it to get my message across to individuals, I have had an amazing response, varying from as low as 2% to as high as 31% responding. Often the first reply is received within seconds of the transmission of the message. These figures are based on SMS "shots" of 50 to 110 individuals at a time. I am extremely happy with the reults so far, and will continue to use it as a regular method of marketing my medical aids and hospital plans, as it is much more cost effective than using traditional mail or e-mail shots to get to the potential client"

  • - Stan Hart
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