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Send SMS from Command Prompt
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SwiftSMS Command Line SMS

>>> DOWNLOAD the software AND then REGISTER to get your User ID and Registration code!

The Command Line SMS is geared at Administrators who would like to set up their systems to automatically send SMS from the cmd line.

Set the program loose on a CSV file and it will automatically go through the file and send out the SMS for you !

A Practical Usage Example:

At the end of each month, the billing system can send SMS to those customers who have not paid their accounts

How does it work ?

  • After the installation, click on the cmdSMS.exe

  • Enter your User ID and Reference number that was emailed to you after you registered :
  • You are now ready to send your cmd line SMS !

Usage :

  • Drop out to the Dos Prompt

  • navigate to the directory where you have the cmdSMS.exe program
  • type: cmdSMS ?
  • - this will open the screen help and show the options :

  • Cellnumber(s) - you can send to one or many recipients by separating the numbers with a comma
  • SMS Message - the message that will sent
  • FILE - the full path of the CSV/ Text file that contains the list of cell numbers and the message.
    NOTE: The first line in the Text file must be the SMS Message
    NOTE: Each number must be on a separate subsequent line
  • /showresult:T/F - if set to T (True) then the results will be displayed on the screen or if set to F the results will hidden

Logs :

Each SMS sent if logged into a CSV file with a time stamp so you have full audit trail ! NOTE: the log file is created in the SAME directory as the cmdSMS.exe file
  • navigate to the directory where you have the cmdSMS.exe program and click on the Logs.csv file
  • This will open the Logs into your spreadsheet application:

  • Still not sure ?
    Try the software Free of charge and send Free SMS - simply download the software and then register to get your User ID and Registration code!

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