SwiftSMS Vista SideBar Installation:

Before you start - a Disclaimer:
SwiftSMS and/or its employees can not accept any responsibility for disruption, damage and/or lose to your data and/or your computer while using or installing this application.
Please note: you have to abide by these Terms and Conditions - if not - do not download or install or use the software !

Minimum requirements:

Step A...
1. Click on the file below to download the file:

2. You will be asked to "Open from Location or Save to Disk" (if you are using Internet Explorer
Choose Save to Disk and click on OK and save the application to your computer's hard drive (C: drive).
You can also, Right-Click on each of these files and choose Save Target As...

Step B...
1. Double click on the SwiftSMS.Gadget file which is now saved on your computer

Step C...
After a successful installation, look for the SwiftSMS application on the SideBar and you are ready to go !